“His performance is supported by Daniel Nixon’s subtle sound, Rob Sowinski’s lighting, quite gorgeous at times, and by Romanie Harper’s costumes and evocative set. “

Alanna McLean, Canberra Times
28 July 2016

“Gary Abrahams’ directing must be given full credit here, as it must for the wonderfully/awfully grotty set design by Romanie Harper, the abstract half-threatening background sound by Daniel Nixon – fading and swelling with our feelings – and, especially I thought, for Rob Sowinski’s lighting which gave the small space a living dynamism as lights subtly took us to different places and different degrees of emphasis.”

Frank McKone, Canberra Critic's Circle
27 July 2016

“As deftly directed by Gary Abrahams, designed with flair by Romanie Harper, and with atmospheric lighting by Rob Sowinksi, this production sizzles. Capsis plays Crisp with panache and superb timing.”

Lynne Lancaster, Sydney Arts Guide
17 July 2016

“There’s a Gothic grubbiness to Gary Abrahams’ production from Romanie Harper’s costume and set design through to Rob Sowinski’s lighting, which is at times eerie and ethereal, the final cue quite startling.”

Richard Cotter, Australian Stage
14 July 2016

“It is a gorgeous production, designed by Romanie Harper (costumes and set) and Rob Sowinski (lights) who provide us with all the visual cues necessary to imagine the decrepit bedroom in which Crisp dwelled, while creating a sense of decadent drama that befits our protagonist, and bringing to sharp focus the physical subject of this monologue presentation.”

Suzy Wong, Suzy Goes See
13 July 2016

“The inhospitable space is rendered warm and intriguing with an astute and delightful attention to detail. The lighting and costuming resist representing Crisp as spectral and allow all the beauty and the blemishes of the character to emanate from the stage. This is an exceptional piece of theatre, definitely not to be missed.”

Patricia De Risio, Stage Whispers
29 May 2016

“Rob Sowinski’s lighting heightens the emotional perspective without the need for superfluous physicality on stage.”

Maxim Boon, LimeLight
27 May 2016