The design team: Greg Carroll and Rob Sowinski, have deliciously brought to life Beresford’s vision of a world of darkness, threat and malice. The occasional splash of jaundiced yellow light stains towering rock and stone walls; elaborate court costumes contrast to the gloom and murk of the settings and Banquo’s ghost appears in a searing shaft of white light, all focussing attention on the central theme of the power of magic.

Gregory Pritchard,
01 June 2021

A majestic set by Gregory Carroll is revealed, the huge grand sets are exquisitely lit by Rob Sowinski

Hayden Burke, Australian Stage
22 May 2021

Lighting (designed by Rob Sowinski) plays on textured surfaces of the settings to striking, highly atmospheric effect.

Simon Parris, Man in Chair
21 May 2021

Rob Sowinski’s lighting design was spot on – plenty of shadowy ambiance while ensuring that the singers were clearly visible, most notably Helena Dix as Lady Macbeth.

Heather Leviston,
20 May 2021

A general brooding darkness with hints of silvery light in Rob Sowinski’s expert lighting design reveals both designer Gregory Carroll’s rugged, blackened and lofty cavernous setting as well as his period costumes of muted tones and rich textural variety.

Paul Selar, Australian Arts Review
19 May 2021

Props must be given to the set designer Gregory Carroll and lighting designer Rob Sowinski, whose formidable designs were able to capture the strength of Scotland whilst adding the menacing darkness and atmosphere that follows the horrific themes of Macbeth’s treachery.

Daniel Hanssen,
19 May 2021