That it is accomplished with eye-catching minimalism and aesthetic strength is a credit to her surrounding creatives – Andrew Bailey’s inspired and thoughtfully scaled sets, Harriet Oxley’s relatable, character-distinctive costumes and Rob Sowinski’s moodily painted award winning lighting combine in stage pictures of meaningful, often piercing beauty. 

Paul Selar, Australian Arts Review
28 March 2023

This all formed the ideal canvas for Rob Sowinski’s adroit and vivid lighting

Michael Shmith, Opera Magazine UK
01 April 2022

The exquisite costumes by Harriet Oxley and lighting design by Rob Sowinski were staggering. Sweeting was radiant as the goddess of marriage; her every move caught the light coming down in rafts upon her. 

Leila Lois, ArtsHub
14 February 2022

The stage-width drawbridge with its great circular cut-out is back, demarcating worlds above and below as part of Andrew Bailey’s striking designs, Rob Sowinski’s fabulously artistic lighting and Harriet Oxley’s apposite and highly appealing costumes.

Paul Selar, Australian Arts Review
10 February 2022