Rob Sowinski’s lighting is fabulously effective, richly coloured but also shadowy and expressionistic

Tim Byrne, TimeOut
03 May 2017

Rob Sowinski’s lighting design helps place us in the story so we know if we are mired in the excess of the Kit Kat Klub or standing in the austere and small confines of Fraulein Schneider’s rooming-house.

Debbie Zhou, Aussie Theatre
06 February 2017

James Browne’s set and costume design, perfectly complemented by Rob Sowinski’s delicately detailed lighting design, is beautifully observed.

Clive Paget, Limelight
01 February 2017

Through production designer James Browne, lighting designer Rob Sowinski and sound designers Nick Walker and Andrew Worboys, the tiny Hayes Theatre has been transformed into the seamy, dingy, exciting Kit Kat Club, a nitery that had no great days to look back on.

Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise
01 February 2017