Arch of Triumph

Lighting Design and Project Management

Consultant Electrical: BRB Electrical

Heritage: Don Goldsworthy

Client City of Greater Bendigo Parks Department

Budget Design and Implementation $15K

Design Brief

The Bendigo Arch of Triumph is a historic structure located at the White Hills Botanic Gardens on the Midland Highway approach to Bendigo. The prominent structure had no existing lighting and an attractive and energy-efficient solution was required. Siting issues meant that no lighting could be installed beyond the property boundary.

Design Solution

Having researched products for previous projects I was comfortable specifying Rexel fittings for the arch, and was able to experiment further with angles and lenses. Additionally, I was able to include the two phoenix canariensis palms in the lighting design to frame the arch and provide interest and variety to the design. Experimenting with coloured lenses paid off, resulting in an overall sympathetic and eye catching design that was featured on the front page of the local paper.

This project needed to be endorsed by Heritage Victoria.